Fox And Gijin

In this page, I upload some sheets for piano, mostly of a video game music rather minor. You can download and copy these scores for free. They are solo-piano scores and written as virtuosic concerto pieces so they may be difficult to play. Some of them I actually play on YouTube.

I use Finale 2008(Pro Ver.). Sorry the ray-out of the scores is bad. I haven't been accustomed to it.

Mr.Barbaro 2009


The Latest Update

11/12/10 The Composer's Holiday, is passing always calmly(7th Saga 2)
12/2/11 The Depth of Darkness(7th Saga 2)
13/3/11 The Birth(The Ending)(7th Saga 2)
26/3/11 Threads of memory(7th Saga 2)
6/4/11 HISOU(Pathetic)(Shien:The BladeChaser)
9/4/11 The Song of The Earth(Wonder Project J)
27/4/11 The Opening(Soratorobo)
29/4/11 The town you left, give me nothing more.(7th Saga 2)
28/5/11 Drifting on Waves, Zzz...(7th Saga 2)
19/7/11 The Summer of a Boy(7th Saga 2)
23/7/11 StarWolf(Easy ver. StarFox 64)
31/7/11 Zones(Easy ver. StarFox 64)
6/8/11 Title(Correct ver. MysticArk)
14/8/11 Theme of Gambos(Correct ver. MysticArk)
24/8/11 Zones(Correct ver. StarFox 64)
Oitsumerarete(Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All aka Gyakuten Saiban II)

Hey, don't attack me!(MysticArk)
27/3/12 Pretty Angel on the shore or Ending(Gokinjo Boukentai)
24/6/12 On the holiday, busk in the sun.(MysticArk)
30/7/12 Now full-power, I'm your partner!(MysticArk)
7/9/12 The Ending(Sengoku Musou II)
8/10/12 On the holiday, busk in the sun.(Revised, MysticArk)
21/11/12 kokoro(Gokinjo Boukentai)
25/11/12 Pathetic(MysticArk)
2/12/12 Downtown(MysticArk)
5/12/12 Nanako ver.2(Gokinjo Boukentai)
23/2/13 Time to fight(MysticArk) You, the Dark's true self!(MysticArk)
9/3/13 Bouquet to Tiffany(Wonder Project J)
12/3/13 Thankyou, everyone...(Wonder Project J)
16/3/11 Training 2(Shien:The BladeChaser)
31/3/13 Birth(MysticArk)

5/5/13 Bon Voyage!(WonderProjectJ2)
15/7/13 Ending(Costume Legend Pretty Fighter)
10/8/14 Opeing(Gokinjo Boukentai)
12/8/14 Map(revised, WonderProjectJ2)
Title(revised, MysticArk)
15/8/14@Now full-power, I'm your partnerI(3rdRevise, MysticArk)
17/8/14@Techno House(MysticArk)
Corlo Island(WonderProjectJ)
1/1/16@Standard Battle (Gokinjo Boukentai)
30/3/16 Birth (MysticArk) You, the Dark's true self! (MysticArk)


Star Fox

Star Fox 64(Composer:Osamu Wakai)

EStar Wolfi2nd Ver)ššššMIDI
EStar WolfiEasy Ver)ššš
EZones(2nd Ver)šššš
EZonesiEasy Ver)šš
EArea 6šššš
EThe Endingššššš

The 7th Saga II (Mystic Ark) Compser:Akihiko Mori

ETitle(3rd ver.)ššš MIDI
ETheme of Gambosšššš
EThe Composer's holiday, is always passing calmlyšššš
EDowntownšššš MIDI
EThe Summer of a Boy(2nd ver.)ššš MIDI
EThe Depth of Darknessšššš
EThread of Memoryššš
ETechno Houseššššš MIDI Finale
E The town you left, give me nothing more.š
ENomadsšššš MIDI Finale
ENow full-power, I'm your partnerIšššššš MIDI Finale
EHey, dont't attack me!šššššš MIDI
EOn the holiday, busk in the sunššššš MIDI
E Drifting on the Waves, Zzz...šššš
ETime to fightššššš MIDI
EYou, the Dark's true self!ššššš MIDI
EThe Birthšššššš MIDI
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Wonder Project J(Composer:Akihiko Mori 1966-1998)

Wonder Project J

ECorlo Islandšš MIDI Finale
EThe Openingšššš
EThe Ending(2nd Ver)ššššš
EThe Gradiataršššš
EThe Competitionššššš
EThe Song of The Earthšššš
EFor Lovely Gijinsššš
EBouquet to Tiffanyššš
EThankyou, everyonecšššMIDI

Wonder Project J2

ELost Memoriesi2nd Ver.jššš
EMapššš MIDI
EBattle On The Seašššššš
EBon voyage!ššš MIDI


Super Mario64 (Composer:Koji Kondo)


Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Composer: Nobuo Uematsu)

EThe Openingššššš

The Tale Of Mars(Kasei-Monogatari) Composer:Kohei Tanaka

EThe Openingššš

Pokemon(Red/Green/Blue) Composer:Junichi Masuda


Shien:The BladeChaser (Composer:Akihiko Mori)

ETraining 2ššššMIDI

Soratorobo (Composer: Mitsuyo Fukuda)

EThe Openingšššššš MIDI

Ice attorney II Composer: Akemi Kimura


Sengoku Musou 2

EThe Endingššš

Gokinjo Boukentai Composer: Akihiko Mori

EOpeningšššš MIDI Finale
EAdios Gokinjo Boukentai(The Ending)ššš
EPretty Angel on the shore(The Ending)šššš
ENanako ver.2šššš MIDI

Comtume Legend Pretty FighteriAkihiko Morij

EEndingššššš MIDI Finale


SSBB -The Opening-@1:53@04/08
Wonder Project J -The Opening-@2:10@03/09
Yoshi's Island -Athletics- @0:50 @05/08
Pokemon(Red Green Blue) Title@2:08@11/10


HN: People call me 'Mr.Barbaro' in Japan. The former, KakiGenkin, but I no longer use it.
Y.O: 24
I'm an amateur-piano player.
I haven't take special musical training (except the private lesson).
Pardon my broken English.